Post Up Your Gear!



Here's an opportunity to show off your riding gear to the forum. I just bought a new helmet and goggles and I'm getting ready to order a jersey, pants, and gloves for next weekend. Lets see 'em!!!

New Helmet and Gloves.... Fox Tracer helmet and Oakley O-Frame goggles.


And this is what I'm ordering tomorrow.... Shift 07 Assault Jersey, Pants, and Gloves all for $72 shipped. Not bad I say.



I've also got a Thor kidney belt, Fox knee pads, Thor elbow pads, and O'Neal boots. I don't have any pictures of that stuff so it'll just have to wait till I can get a picture of it all at one time.

Lets see some of what you guys wear!
Nice goggles! I was considering buying those after I saw them in a magazine.
Ummm I have a helmet. Its red. I cant get pics because I dont have a camera. But its not nearly as nice as your guys's.
raider helmet ain't bad at all

gloves i have two goggles becuz one has scratches badly so i use it for mud riding, the other is clear so i use it for sand and snow

my shift chest protector

fox jersey

just a zoom out of my gear in my room

i have boots and pants but i left them at my cousins which is in minnesota!!!
Here is some of my gear my gloves are black white an red, but i left them in PA by accident but they are on there way back to me through the mail.


I wear them even just out to stores an out to eat they are some comfortable, because they let more air in then a regular shirt an belive it or not there alot cooler on the inside then a regular T-shirt even though they are long sleeve.
i used to have another blue fox jersey thta also said yamaha, but i ended up getting it torned when i flipped


High tech! :-D


Soon to get these


No boots, jersey or pants yet, but they'll be green I:I