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  • how much would it cost me for you to buy theese and send them to me????
    ATV tires maxxis razr 18x10-8 - $65 (psj)
    oooo i can post color hehe i found you another deal check it
    Yamaha Banshee Lonestar Axle, Rims, & Tires (Rearend)

    but the actual deal i wanted you to see is this one right here
    Yamaha extended axle
    hey man were headed down to Florida on Easter- ish (some time around then) were gonna be in Disney, and englewood, and in that general area and spanding if u wanto to meet up...
    u need to keep the 04 and sell the 88 while u still can becuz wonce you want something bigger good luck trying to sell an 88 just giving you a warning keep the 04
    Hey man just wanted to say that I like the blaster in your sig looks really good. Did you get aftermarket plastics or paint them?
    seen a thread saying u were ridding spacers are they reliable and what size do u have on ur bike?
    you do know tht no matter how much parts you put on the 88 its still not going to be worth half as much as the 04 done up even with the same parts keep the 04
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