port & polish

The key words there are " Screw Up" . I've seen first hand the destruction that comes from someone that believes he can port a cylinder, whether it be from an owner or a so called engine builder.

Remember this, real power costs real money. You can get performance gains for little cost, but thats where it ends.
Send it to Denny at flotek. He does great work. He has an account on everything2stroke.com The user name is eviltwin i believe.
If you have any mechanical abilty Id say you could probly ge away with a minor port job...If you have the proper sanding\porting bits and an air grinder its doable.. I would gasket match the runner\port, trace the inner part of the gasket and follow the lines... If it were up to me Id do i if i had a spare cylinder laying around...but thats me and i know that I can do it properly.. If you feel confident and up to the task id say give it a shot...

my .02
Where in PA do you live. If you can tell me that I'm sure that I can put you on to someone, maybe even hook you up with a quad so you'll know exactly what you are buying.