please don't ban me for this question lol


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Jul 28, 2007
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I know this is a " blaster " site but the ppl here are so cool & helpfull , I have to ask . I have a tt-r125 dirt bike the engine has a bent crank . I was woundering if I could put like a yz 125 engine on it or does it have to be a tt-r engine . I would rebuld the engine thats on it but not sure if is werth it.
i do not know the answer, i do not think you will not get banned for asking about something else besides a blaster.... but we would not want everyone to start asking about other bikes allllllll the time, its ok to ask questions about other bikes sometimes. if i'm wrong correct me
You can put anything in anything as long as you can weld and fabricate. I almost put a yz 490 in the blaster but I changed my mind when i found out how damn hard it is to find a yz 490 motor at a descent price. But then again I think the motor in it now cost more then a yz490. Oh well! See if you can find a yz 125 to look at and see. They might bolt right up.
You know cajun. You will have to figure a way to mount the radiator because they are water cooled. I think the tt-r is air. I could be wrong. I do know this for sure, A yz125 is a whole lot of motor for a ttr125. It will probably put you on your butt. lol..........
Also keep in mind your gonna deff need to get stiffer clutch springs because a dirtbike motor is not made to pull that much weight.
You also have to look at weight balance. If the new motor mounts differently then it would throw the balance of the bike off. You would need to adjust preload to compensate for it.
you shouldnt have any touble at all, except, just getting it mounted back in, you are gunna have to be reallly careful dropping it back in so you dont put anything on wrong :p, but, it should be fine
That is a lot of power to put into a small bike. But im not sure look into it some more before you spend some money on it.