Paypal problems.....


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
As some of you know I won a set of paul turner mids off ebay. Ive never paid for an item using paypal before.

I waited for an invoice from the seller and withdrew that amount of money from my confirmed bank acct. 2 days later paypal automatically takes the same amount from my bank acct in the form of an "e-check". So now I have double the money I need in my paypal acct to pay for the item. I sent the remaining money back to my bank acct. Why would paypal automatically take money from my bank account when I already withdrew the ammount I needed?

I thought I could make some money with feebay and paypal but its turning into more of a headache than its worth.
What happened is when you set up your paypal account, you enetered in a bank account/credit card for funding. What paypal is doing is automatically taking the money from this account whenever a purchase is made.

Basically, next time you make a purchase, dont do anything. Let paypal take the money out on its own.

The only time you need to physically transfer money is when money is paid to you in paypal (sale of goods privately or ebay). This is when they take their 3% fee.

Any other Q's, let me know. Ive been using paypal for quite awhile, and have had no issues.