Opinions on my Blaster mods and re-jetting



Well I bought my Blaster with a .20 bore w\wesico pistion, and the previous owner had the head ported and polished..

I have added a UNI air filter..
And soon I will be adding my 14tooth sprocket opposed to the current 12 tooth on their now..

I am considering putting in new Boysen super stock carbon reeds..Is it worth it?

I also am getting a Pro Circuit silencer (just the silencer) for like 10 bucks..

Now I am wondering If I will need to re-jet?..I am pretty sure I will need to and I am looking in to buying a re-jetting kit from :

Do you think I will be set with that jet kit for my mods? also what range do you think i will be in as far as jet size? 240-250??

Do you guys think I can get away with using the stock piolet jet?? As of rite now I am having idle issues (im gonna try messing with the tors screw)..but the bike fires up 1st kick usually..I also replaced the spark plug with a new one ( old one was fouled ) and i cleaned out my gas tank and put in a fresh tank of gas a 32:1 ratio..So what do you guys think I should do??
Ok i just looked on ebay. Thats not the silencer its the pipe, the reserve is not met and im sure its not gonna go for anywhere near $10.
im getting an oldedr style Pro circuit silencer..not the one you guys are seeing on ebay..

What do you think of my mods as far as re-jetting?