Omstar Oil Additive..



Aperently this product makes your gas/2-stroke burn better.. And stops you wasting fuel

Improves your M.P.G

Improves your H.P By 1/1.5HP 125cc+ Engines

Cleans ports and improves compression..

Sounds kinda fishy.. Althought its been around since 1984.. And it has a massive market...

Whats your views on it? I might ship a bottle to UK and try it out?

Hope this helps you guys..

The Video:-

The Website:-
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Btw I dono if it replaces 2-stoke.. Or you add it in.. Im pretty sure you just add it in as its an "additive"

Thnx Adam
sounds fishy to me also, the best oil that i have used is motorex cross power 2t fully sythenic motoroil, it gets rid of some carbon build up, and it seems like my gas lastes longer than ever. just thought i might tell you about this