So I was reading the post a few days down and now I'm confused. What does everybody use? One section of the manual says to use Yamalube 2, which I thought was the premix stuff for gas, and just a page before that it says to use Yamalube 4, which is 4 stroke engine oil. Is it safe to use either and how much do u guys service your engine with? just about 1 qt or how much?
no dont use yamalube 4!! that is for ur trans. premix with either yamalube 2 or amsoil or other 2 stroke oils
that IS what im going, but everyone seems to have different opinions. right now im using Yamalube 4 for trans, and Yamalube 2 for premix. is that what u use?
i use motorex fully synthetic cross power 2t oil for premixing, it is smokeless, helps with cooling,stops carbon build up. it is one of the best oils i have used but it is a little bit pricey
well if u pay the price, you get the quality, im not afraid to spend a bit of money, but i use klotz super tech, its pretty good, klotz r50 is pretty good too.
i thot about switching around tho, see what i like best but i think its gonna be hard to stray from my 1st favorite
Cheapest 10w30 motor oil I can find for the tranny. As of right now I am switching to a synthetic premix oil for my fuel. Not sure what brand yet. I normally use Blenzall but I am switching from a castor based to synthetic.