Oil Mix question

Jul 22, 2021
I just removed my oil tank and plugged up the hole in the carburetor and the two holes on the oil pump with vacuum cap hoses until I open my blaster up again to remove the gear and pump.

I have just bought Amsoil dominator oil and some people say to 32:1 with it is too much and will cause bad performance since it's racing oil and the formula is meant to be run at 50:1. They say to run it at 40:1 or 50:1 in a blaster but based on other posts, stock Yamaha blaster jets are not meant for 40:1 or 50:1 ratio.

What oil could I purchase and from where, to fix this issue and run it at the correct ratio, so my engine will last longer and have performance?
If you run any oil at anything but 32:1, almost zero of the jetting info on here will not be correct, running less oil in the mix means more fuel, you're jetting will be rich, better than lean but not ideal.
I ran a tankful of dominator once at 32:1 and it sucked, 40/50:1 is going to require rejetting and there's very little info on how much.
my best advice is to give that bottle of amsoil to one of your buddies who run 40:1 in their dirtbike,
and go buy yourself some Yamalube or Maxima Super M mix formula and run 32:1
Thanks for your response, I forgot to update.

I wanted to try 32:1 since that's the most common ratio, so I went to my local motorcycle shop and they sold me Maxima Super M. I used the ratio cup and mixed one gallon of 93 octane at 32:1. I also changed my spark plug to a Br8es since that's what the shop recommended for it, the old plug had no marking on it.

When I went to start my blaster, I had to kick it like 10 times, normally it would start on the third with the previous owner's 32:1 Amsoil and the injector tank but would smoke a lot since it was way too rich and wrong formula. (I think he just bought it and didn't know anything about it and sold it.)
It also wouldn't idle and kept shutting off if the throttle wasn't held, and it would be hard to start again. When it ran, there was always a little smoke coming out of the exhaust, which I don't understand since Maxima Super M is said to be smokeless.

Did I foul a plug or put the wrong plug in?
(Sorry for writing so much, I just wanted to explain everything and thank you for your help!)
A plug can foul instantly if oil gets up inside between the electrode and insulator, try another one.
we like the non resistor B8es over the Br8es plugs that only limit radio interference
Thanks for your help, Awk08, I changed the plug and now it runs well. I wanted to ask you if it is normal for my blaster to smoke as much as it does, I attached a video. Maxima SuperM is said to be smokeless but my blaster still smokes a little after warmed up. I was only able to test it in first gear since I have a small parking lot.