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    Oil Mix question

    I just removed my oil tank and plugged up the hole in the carburetor and the two holes on the oil pump with vacuum cap hoses until I open my blaster up again to remove the gear and pump. I have just bought Amsoil dominator oil and some people say to 32:1 with it is too much and will cause bad...
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    Transmission Oil

    I want to change the transmission oil in my 2003 Yamaha blaster but I am confused about which oil I should put in it, the manual states SAE 10w30 should be used but other people on this forum say not to use SAE 10w30 and to use ATF, ATF type F, or ideally Motul Transoil 10w30.
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    How to check oil pump is workimg

    I have a 03 blaster with stock pump and resivor. I have been pulling the spark plug to check if there is oil residue after every ride. Is there any other way to check if oil pump is still working. I don't want to convert to mixing.
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    Oil leak from engine area

    Hello, Thanks for viewing this post. For a while now I have had an oil leak from the engine area. I have found it near impossible to locate the source of the leak. So have a couple of questions for you: Firstly, is there a tip or trick to locating the source of oil leaks. I know this sounds...
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    Blaster Oil turns milky brown after oil change

    I replaced my oil with 10w-30 650 ml of it because I thought it was burning oil because the level went done after a ride. After running the bike for 5 minutes I checked the oil and it was milky brown. Could this be a case leak? Or bad seal? Also when I run it the oil is below the marks on the...
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    1999 Yamaha blaster Burns oil HELP

    Ok so picked up this Yamaha blaster that burns oil fast but doesn’t smoke a lot. I think I can smell it. I add oil then run it for five minutes then it’s gone.Could this be the right crank seal? Bike had a new cylinder/top end Starts first kick and has good compression but I’m just worried about...
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    Oil Oil

    My oil pump went out isnt there a way to bypass it and just mix the oil with the gas