No more blaster.


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Aug 8, 2007
Hey whatsup people, I'm a former member from a while back. I am partingways with my blaster and am surprised to see this site still going.

I guess i am a blaster veteran parting with the scene, but it has been fun and alot of memories.

anyways there are pics of my blaster in this thread

I always wanted to post my pics, but i never got around to,
unfortunately the reason i am posting pics is because i am parting the thing out / for sale.

I was a member a long time ago but then stopped for some reason (but still modified my blaster), around the time of holywood dirt. i am just wondering what happened to that guy as i have been gone for a while. are there any old time members still here?

anyways have a good day and heres my pics.



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Nice blaster, why ya gettin rid of it? and when i had my old acc...i forgot name, pass, everything, i think i remember you.
ya im just not into atvs as much anymore, its wierd things change.

but i thought i remember this site being alot bigger?
it seems so much smaller now.

did the forums get deleted or something?
i was a member to blaster hq!...and 3wheelio, idk why, but they closed it down, prob not enuf activity and that is prob where i remember you from...but ne way, it wasnt a half bad site tho, i like this place better...though, it could do with a darker color scenario...cuz...light colors...i do not abide with...
Well if you're still selling, how much the axle and bars? That thing is crazy awesome. To bad to see ya go.
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