new york noob!



hey guys, ive been riding sportbikes for 4 years, walked into my local honda/yamaha dealer to meet a buddy who was buying a new bike. and i walked out with the last brand new 2005 yamaha blaster they had left! complete impusle buy! im real psyched because out of the crew of guys I ride with, i was the only one without a winter toy (ATV) Now im the proud new owner of a brand spanking new blue blaster. ive been doing my homework and reading on different sites and this seems to be the best one by far to discuss and learn about my new blaster.
I plan on riding her really hard yet safe, i mean jumps and 12 o'clock wheelies are safe right? what are the first mods i should go with, say on a nice cushioned budget of about $600 for now? i was thinking exhaust and the grill guard..? which is the best exhaust to go with? LRD or FMF fatty gold series? what about for the grill guard? any input would be appreciated guys. hello to all members especially New York riders!!
Welcome to the forums. The blaster is perfect for jumping and doing wheelies. They are great for both because of the short wheelbase. I would go with a fatty or shearer for an exhaust. Go with exhaust, reeds, K&N airfilter, and remove the airbox lid. Dont forget to rejet as well.
there is a way u can get a pipe for free we have a contest where u can win a pb (factory 7) pipe, you just have to be in the top 20 posters. i would reccomend getting rid of the rear ballon tires,if ur gonna get a bore stay away from vito's, reeds might help because the old ones usually crack hope this helps a little.
welceom to the site...get rid of the oil injector and mix the oil yourself....get a different set of rear pipe/silencer combo....and an aftermarket airfilter...adn like they said REJET....and reeds would probably be a good thing to....adn u could change ur sprockets thats cheap