New Blaster



I've been riding atv's for a while not all racing and this is my first one I own my best friend has a 03 baster I bought a

99 blaster
240 cc
full pro circuit pipe
bosen reeds
(thats all I know for now)

I got it for 800 bucks not bad the bike needs a new spark plug and air filter but I think I cracked the reeds today so I might have to put the V-Forces in...
lol you know whats funny I drove it today and I think I need to do that but also i think i cracked my is hell to start (and only will start with choke and then die)
Could be in your carb. pull the bowl off leave the gas line hooked up turn the gas on see if it's flowing fast out slow out of it.
I just added gas, I gusse it didn't have enough gas but I thought it did Only prob is gas I added (dad mixed) it was gas for the weed waker lol so it had alot of oil and wasn't atv/dirtbike oil mix so im gonna drain it tomarrow
if it has too much oil it will be running rich, if its rich it will bog down.
if the gas does not have enough oil it will be running lean and overheating
too much oil in fuel

To much oil in premix will either foul your sparkplug or smoke a lot depending on how much too much oil was in fuel......
The reason people run like 40:1 an 50:1 oil mixuters is because when racing it doesn't take as long to clear out an jump onto the pipe right away, running 32:1 which is what it is with the oil injection it takes it longer to jump on the pipe then it woild with a 50:1 mixture. Im running 50:1 Super M racing formula.
Sound interesting. So i guess there is a different perfect mix for each rider and what they do on their blaster:)