New blaster help!!!



Hi guys i posted a few weeks ago about my 01 blaster, since then i traded the heap off and got another one. What i have now is a 06 blaster, the problem with this one is the mid power is choppy sounding kind of a studder miss. When you idle the bike its fine but i have noticed that you have to use the choke if it sits over night to start it. Also when you nail it it seems fine its just mid throttle problem occurs, i tried cleaning the plug and cleaning out the carb. The bike was running pretty good when i first got it, inside the carb the jets are 345 main jet and 32.5 and the other one i didnt have a long enough screwdriver to get it out, but i sprayed carb cleaner throught it. Any suggestions would appreciated.
cutting out on mid range sounds like a rich condition, but its jetting issue for sure, maybe try a smaller main, the second jet in there is a pilot, alot of times you kan jet for huge mains with the right size pilot jet, but its all R&D
is this a stock jet number for the 2 jets i listed? there also no air box lid, every thing else is stock
check to see if your throttle cable got kinked or frayed when you took it off to clean the carb.
The only mod is an open airbox? your jetting is way rich stock main jet size is 230 i have more mods then that an i'm only running a 250 main jet an stock pilot jet.
the main jet is a 230, i wrote down the other jet numbers i guess... the only mod is the air box lid. I rode it around again this evening and there is def a stunner in mid throttle dont know why.....>?????????? some one please chime in..........
We need as much info as possible.
What oil are you running? (what ratio if you have a oil block-off?)
Fresh plug? (gapped properly)
Fresh gas?
Cleaned carb? (better than you did the first time)
Fuel flow restricted by sand or anything?
Air filter clean?
Quad warmed up before you ride it?
Any chance you put the carb slide in backwords? (sounds like a good possibility, Check "how-to clean your carburator" under the how-to section)
Well i tried the a new plug first, then cleaned the carb, then drained the gas and re mixed 40-1 . then i made a make shift air box lid and still the same problem. I didnt clean the air filter yet... but it didnt look too bad. The is a oil injector is disconected so i just pre mixing. Would the reeds cause this problem or the stock exhaust pipe?