new 2 stroke owner



i just traded my pitbike for this blaster the guy was selling for 350, all it needed was a coil. now what i would like to know since i haven't gotten a chance to ride yet is, about how fast is it, what general things should i know, and where are some good sites to find parts, or could someone just list mods that really make the bike fly.
is it stock? if so, typically about... 55-57
if you have some fun sh*t in it, let us know, we should be able to figure it out
yea its stock, it was just rebuilt though. wow 55-57 thats plenty quick enough for what i need, a good gearing change to like 14-40 would really make it fly
You should at least get a pipe and some new tires before the 14. After market air filter too. Thats probably all your gonna want to do for now if you already like the power.
pinger, go for a K&N or a UNI airfilter, (i prefer K&N.but people have opinions)
if you wanna fly, get new reeds (i highly recomend vforce3 reeds)
there is a howto on how to remove and put on
go for a new pipe (factory 7 makes kickass pipes, but they are on the expensive side)
and i have a thing posted called "easy/free upgrades" check some of that out
i really do suggest the new reeds though...oem ones (the stock ones in it now) tend to crack. and if you are going to get new tires, i suggest Kenda Klaws or ITP HOLESHOTS BUT BUT BUT!!!!! ******IF YOU GET A NEW PIPE, MAKE SURE TO REJET!!!
You should rejet if you get reeds or a filter to. But if you dont want to put much into it, then you may only want to do a filter and get a used pipe. That set up that we have just said would cost hundreds.
i suggest reeds b4 a pipe actually... reeds can give u a lil bit more for alot less than a pipe...cuz...pipes are expensive lol
reeds are usually hit and miss around 100
i dont like how oem reeds are...when i first got my blaster i put in vforce because i dont like glass reeds.. STILL HAVE TO REJET THOUGH!
Yeah ive got to get reeds. Im ordering my f7 exhaust and my cylinder is off for porting. My head is off to be shaved and milled and my flywheel is being shaved. So reeds are a must for me right now.
yeah.. (lmao, ive been reallly heavy on telling people to buy reeds lately) i just realized that...but anyway...
hmm seems likes a filter and reeds are the way to go, a pipe im going to hold off on, but i might have 500 to spend in the coming months, id like to use my blaster for high speed trail riding. also this is my first 2 stroke, i know alot about bikes but what are some things i should know about 2 strokes.
some basic things about 2 strokes
dont keep really low revs alot, its bad
they are a little more high maintenence than 4strokes (but a hell of alot cheaper rebuild)
uhhm they DO recquire tranny oil lol
blasters dont like to go very very slow all the time
watch yourself on the powerband if you're not used to it on a 2stroke
if u are lacking in power from what u had b4, its time for a rebuild
sounds like my kinda bike then, i don't like keeping the rpms low at all, but i don't kill the engine either, i hear that the oil injector on the blasters should be removed and blocked off, should i go this route? oh man cant wait to get this down to west Virginia. for now ill have to take it to the trails i have here. i do allot of road riding (please no debating i know its bad i don't do it often) to get between trails, so the extra speed will be a wonderful change from the bouncing off the rev limiter i had with my 107cc pitbike.
uhh i definately say remove the oil injection and mix at about 32:1
the injection is sorta unreliable
and yeah pitbikes are a
if u ever get another bike get a yz250, they are fun (i have one) DONT GET A 250F lmao..
but yeah, block off ur injector
yes i was kinda weaseled into the pitbike, picked it up off my cousin for 600, he put on a new frame for me while he was drunk and put the bearings in backwards, i took a spill going off a jump and bent the axle so i traded it for my blaster. hes big on 2-strokes he has an old modded kx250 and an insane quadzilla lt500 bored .60 over.

so yea block off the injector i would imagine i need a kit i think i saw one for 30. thats one thing im going to have to get used to is mixing the gas, ill probably just buy a huge jug of oil and mix it all in a can so i don't have to worry about it. now right now the bike dosen't run, i was told by the original owner its the coil because it doesn't get spark, would this mean the coil for the spark plug wire, or the other one, and if its the other one how much and how hard is that to replace?
hopefully its just that, and ill have made out like a bandit, 350 is not a bad deal at all
yes i was kinda weaseled into the pitbike, picked it up off my cousin for 600, he put on a new frame for me while he was drunk and put the bearings in backwards, i took a spill going off a jump and bent the axle so i traded it for my blaster.

lol thats happened to me when my idiot friend but his dirtbike together wrong and the next thing i know i'm flying over the handlebars and taking a dirt sandwich into my mouth
lmao, dirtyblaster, i took out my yz250 yesterday, and i went to make a sharp turn, and i went sideways in the snow for like 40 feet, then i tapped a stump and ate a wood and snow sandwich, then we all laughed our asses off