Need help jetting


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Apr 24, 2022
So I rebuilt my engine with a Vitos Big Bore kit. Upgraded to a 35mm keihin carb and has a Toomey exhaust with a pod filter. I am in NY 1200 ft elevation. My gas mix is 32:1. After less than 10 hrs I fried the piston. My jetting was 68 and 168. Help! I need a better starting point for jetting..
What pipe are you using?
Where did you get the information to use that main jet and other carb settings?

How long is the filter you’re using? Too short of intake tract can cause problems.

Look or search this thread for any similar setups
I'm using a Toomey Exhaust and the jetting came with the 35mm keihin carb that said was calibrated to the big bore kit...And I'm using a pod filter that is big
Leak down test is a definite need to do after a rebuild even if everything is new the intake boot on my quad took me 2 tries to get it sealed up right