My Suggestions...

Thanks. Im not really a graphics type person but I read in one of your posts that you were. If you have spare time and wanted to make one that would be great. And what do you mean by more forum topics? Do you mean like posts or the actual forums? Anyway thanks for the suggestions. It really helps me when I know what you guys want out of this forum.
Not a problem.
When I get some time I'll put something together.
I have to find some good pics for it.

I don't mean more posts, but more categories. Even if there was just a big list of topics started under the same category, with fewer categories. If that makes sense. Hard to make much sense when hurried...
Ya but with a new forum its better to have a minimum number of forums so that the forum appears a lot more active. Which looks more active:

1.) A forum with 10 forums each having 50 replies and 50 topics for a total of 1000 posts


2.) A forum with 50 forums each having 10 posts and 10 replies for a total of 1000 posts

I would say number 1.
Whatever you say. It works. It just seems to be lacking something. But as this forum grows, there will be more options.
baber, something is still not right in the categories.
make a vote or something that asks what categories/sub-categories should be added.

Each time I make a new topic, I think really where I should put it. If I think of a category I'll let you know...