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Jul 28, 2007
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ok ! my son was riding his 2000 blaster & broke the woodoff key ( holds the flywheel on the crank ! I replaced it & now it won't start ! It has fire when I pull the spark plug out & have him kick start it ! not sure which way to go next ! HELP
spray some starting fluid or ether in the carb, and let it burn it will run very high for a sec...or just take a pressure oil can and squirt some gas in the carb as long as your not burning like 110 octane... highest you should do that with is 93 octane...but anyway...hit the throttle every so often..and if it doesn't stay eventually...uhhh not sure what to say..ill look on internet and see if i can ffind you something else to try.
First try to replace the plug. Really it sounds like your timing is off, so check the stator. Check to make sure your timing is right. If that is good do a compression check, because if compression is low it will not want to start cold. If that is good then you should have the stator magneto and coil tested.
You will need to remove the side cover by the shift lever and there should be timing marks on the stator. Rotate the piston to TDC and line up the marks. If it lines up then your problem is either low compression or electrical problems. Bad stator,magneto,coil,or ignition box. If you have a stock carb it needs to be pluged in because they have an over rev system that kills the bike if the throttle gets stuck. One other thing that I'm not sure about but I think they have low crankcase and low oil mixture kill as well. Check the crank fluid level and your oil reservoir. Make sure the low oil resi is plugged in. Do not use ether to try and start the bike because it could brake a ring, it could detonate and kill your crank bearings, it could even detonate and blow your reeds out if timing is off. Yea ether will help if it has low compression because thats the ONLY way to get it started and the motors worn out anyways.
Now did you remove the stator and magneto when you were working on the bike? Also you said it fired after you were done and then died. When it did start did it sound like it was firing right?
yes I had to remove the FLY WHEEL ( part with the magnets on it ) not the stator I soildered the palser coil with the stator plate still on . but it ran fine after I installed the palser . BUT it was when I removed the fly wheel the second time to replace the woodroff key that it wouldn't fire back up , except for a milli second the first kick after I put it back together . yes for that second it sounded strong . O yeah by the way nice bike man .
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Well the stator mounts only one way. Without a degree key I don't think you can adjust timing. But You might have put the flywheel in the wrong position. But I beleive they are keyed for only one postion.
If it fired for a short moment then it has to be simpler then this. Just try a new plug to start. The wierdest thing of all here is that the piston should be TDC when the marks line up or at least close. When you kick the engine over does the magneto(flywheel) turn. Then look everthing over to make sure nothing was hurt when the magneto spun and also check resistance from your solder to the coil. Since it was something just done. I'm sitting here trying to amagine myself their trying to trouble shoot and I'm getting 100 ideas in my head of what you should check.
You could try a little gas but i don't think it will work like that because it needs to become a vapor to burn and putting liquid will not fire it will just wet the plug to the point it won't fire.
If it was really wet then chances are the coil or plug are not firing. I could be firing but not hot enough. What color does the plug fire when it is out of the bike(red or Blue)?