My new shocks....


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Jul 27, 2007
Auburn, New York
I was so happy when I got home from work to find out mt new shocks arrived so I'd figure I'd share my joy with fellow Blaster advocates. Anyways there Works Dual Rate w/res.

No more crappy stockers. Also heres a pic of my nice Burgard +2 +1 A Arms to accompany these awesome shocks...and before I forget my awesome new Blaster '06 Front Hydraulic Brakes. As it stands my front end minus the bumper is done. When i'm done my quads gonna be sick and everyone will see how it went from crap to gold.



The shocks and arms are by FAR the best upgrade you can get for any quad. The brakes are a great upgrade as well. Congrats man. Everything look phenominal
yep!. just get a couple washers and bolt it up. You can use any banshee or warrior carrier, axle, caliper and brake disc. The only thing that is tricky is you need the 03+ blaster right peg and brake pedal lever for hydraulic brakes. The banshee and warrior pegs and brake levers are different. Then you need to fabricate the master cylinder mounting bracket. A old style blaster axle will mount to a banshee carrier but keep in mind if you use a banshee carrier and a blaster axle the stock brake caliper will not fit. There might be problems bolting the hydraulic caliper up too with a banshee carrier and a old style blaster axle. So, If you plan on going with the banshee, warrior or 03+ blaster carrier then you should use a banshee, warrior or 03+ blaster axle too. The three axle's are all the same the only difference is thier length. Of course the banshee being the widest. Now I don't want to confuse you but the raptor axle is the same too. You could even take a banshee axle and put it in your stock carrier as long as you get a banshee, warrior,raptor or 03+ blaster brake disc hub. But you would not be able to use the lever caliper or disc caliper, But it would make it wide as hell. Let me know If any of this confused you and I'll explain it better.
He posted pics of his rearend in the suspension forum about his rear brake and seems to have extensive first hand knowlege doing so.