My new ride


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May 11, 2007
Well here shee is.



bumper, nerfs, silencers, grips an bars, works shocks all around

i swear i'm forgetting something i just don't know what.
i thought he said it was race ready???????????

ohh and tighten ur clutch cable a little its leaning far down
Lucky... How much, how fast? Nice, You're not doin MX with that thing are you? I want a banshee sooo bad.
Blaster is gone, it has works shocks all the way around of coarse i'm gonna run it on the MX track, Lol
i was thinking about getting one in the spring. But anyway congrats hope you enjoy it.
Yea its crazy fast, i was in 4th gear an i hit the powerband an when i looked back i seen a huge roost

i do have a problem with it idk why it does it but like everytime i hit the powerband in any gear it always gets sideways idk why.............hahahahah
nice shee,just 1 thing u need is a set of headers to match those pc's...everyone is upgrading looks like the name of the forum might get changed soon,only down fall on it that the banshee isnt a wheelie king its hard to get a it on the bak wheels unlike the blaster......