my new old blaster




that too has to come apart on mine too. but it has to wait until school gets done in two weeks because I have to study for finals. After that though I am going to being working on this thing night and day to try and get it to a rolling chasis in about 2 weeks. The frame is pretty much all sandblasted and sanded down except for a few spots on the bottom and the same for the plastics(someone did a crap paintjob on them). It has been a fun project for me so far, especially seeing as I never really turned a wrench before.
Powder coating is a technique for applying paint to metal surfaces; the metal is covered with a powder of dry paint particles and is baked in an oven. This causes the powder to melt and harden into a tough, colorful finish. I have seen car rims crack in half from it though.
Check out the axle/carrier thread in the support forum if you need some ideas on how to get it out.

What colors you thinkin about going with?
did some guy try to spray the rims blue????? looks like its coming off.

who ever owned this before had crappy workmanship, they tried painting everything and the gas tank cover looks like someone just dumped a bucket of paint on top and just let it drip and thats why every thing is getting sanded, wetsanded, and/or sandblasted off, even the wheels

Check out the axle/carrier thread in the support forum if you need some ideas on how to get it out.

What colors you thinkin about going with?

Thanks man my friend and I were just talking about how we were going to do that. The frame and a-arms are going to be painted black, the seat is going to be black along with the tank cover, front fenders and hood since most of those parts are an ugly purple. And since the rear plastic is already white I am just going to shine it up and leave it white. We are going to try and clean the wheels off of any paint and shine them up but if that wont work they are going to be painted black. Swingarm and rear axle with stay stock
Sounds like a good color scheme to me. Black and white always look go together. Esspecially with a shiny chrome exhaust, and im not even a fan of chrome...
call me crazy but a pile of parts on the floor looks fun to me.i loved building my tecate up from just the frame.guess what now i got a blaster frame so ill be taking my time and building too.good luck
Sounds interesting. Someone should make a 'How To' on that.
Metalica83, I am sure it is much cheaper to have it shipped in pieces as compared to already assembled.
Ok if I cant find a good deal around here ill see if I can get one shipped. either way its gonna be a fixer-upper because i like fixing things:D
i rode two hours to pick it up with a was all together except for the engine when i picked it up....figured since it needed repair wy not just tear it down to just the frame and build it up right....quick the a-arms have bearings?
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oh ok...was checking because i have to sandblast those in the machine and i was looking for where to buy them incase i mess them up
yea i thought there where just bushings on the inside that i needed to grease because i cant find a-arm bearings
There are no bearings. Just the sleeve and dust caps. Then the ball joint on the other side.

There is axle carrier bearings. I think thats it other than the ones in the motor. And wheel bearings in the hubs.