My Bike!



Here's my new bike. It's a 2000 Blaster. Only mods are the front bumper, handlebars, and grab bar. Well.... was a grab bar. After these pics were taken my two friends and I broke the cheap grab bar from wheelies that got too far out of hand.

My buddy is in blue, I'm in white. I got some decent pics of him but I think he was having trouble using the camera for me.

EDIT: You can see in the first pic what the grab bar looks like before, and then the third picture is afterwards.





LOL, that's my first time really practicing doing a wheelie. The other guy was doing 2nd gear to 1st gear drop wheelies and I was just trying to do a first gear roll-on by throwing my weight back.

The lawn is no problem. It's his dad's backyard and he could care less. He didn't seem to like the donuts I was doing later in the day though... It's no golfcourse manicure, he doesn't really do anything to it other than the regular mowing.
By the way jlsparky, I was inspired by your avatar and did some grab bar wheelies as well. No pics of those though.
hey all it takes is a little practice....and u look lke u've got the concept down...adn for teh grab bar......i got mine frmo think thats the site pretty good deals on blaster grab bars
Vid of me a few weeks after I got my shee in 2004 I think. Some decent wheelies in there. Im a lot better now. I can roll em at 3mph, Clutch, split, seat, highchair, stand-ups, sit-downs, you name it.

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Wow, you're much better at it than I am. Course, the Blaster is the first bike I can really call my own so I haven't had much practice at it. Before this bike I've pretty much just ridden my dad's Polaris utility quads over the years. He's got a new 800Twin but man is it a tank!!
You will get there soon enough. Nothing will teach you as good as practice. Just get real friendly with the rear brake and you will be fine.

Those 800 twins are MONSTERS. Im trying to convince my cousin to sell his outlander 330 and get one. a 2wd 330 UT quad is pretty much useless. He got raped and paid like 6500 for it or something.