Look what i got today!


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May 11, 2007
Well here are some pics of what i have received today, the 2 gaskets an lil box on the right side is rings an gaskets for my xr100 an the rest is for my blaster looks like i have 2 motors to do today.



Well i'm going to get started! i will post back in a few hours.
Hahaha well my torque wrench is at my mom an dads house so i did it by guessing, well on the 3rd kick she fired right up not a prob running smooth, here is a short clip of the first start. Few more times of letting her run an riding it a lil she will be ready to rip.

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Yea i put the 3 stickers i got with the parts on it an man that added like 8more HP you should see this thing rip, hahaha jk i haven't really gotten on it yet.
ohh probably but you know i haven't opened her up yet but i will today, she is going to be rode today cuz i got some family an friends going riding an none of us ride slow the only speed we know is full throttle or shut it off hahaha.