longer length HD. Chains


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Jan 30, 2009
i've seen alot of questions recently about what chains fit what length extended swingarms, and where to get 120+ link chains.
i like to buy them long and cut to length as i have both +2 and +4 swingers

while browsing the "driveline performance" ebay store,
(best clucthes made IMO)
i came across these longer length chains for a decent price, and as with all drivline performance products, they personally test everything they sale = Quality parts.

all these chains are HD. 520 size and will work on our blasters/banshees/rappy's/yfz's.
check their ebay store for more atv/length chain options and clutches

Chain, Clutch kit items in Driveline performance store on eBay!

130 link HD. O-ring fits up to +8" blaster swingers
Blaster Dune Trail 130LINK Heavy Duty Oring Chain | eBay

136 link HD. non O-ring fits up to +10" blaster swinger
Blaster Drag Racing 136LINK Heavy Duty Gold Chain | eBay

160 link HD. non O-ring fits up to +14 banshee swingers
Banshee Drag Racing 160LINK Heavy Duty Gold Chain | eBay
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