Light Wiring



Hi All!

Can someone help me out, got an old blaster and the lights(front/rear) are not connected, I wanted to fix them.

Can someone hand me a good manual for this?

I got the blaster manual from the web but it's in very low quality and in black and white.

I was looking for something easier to read.


Yep. I've heard about this clymer manual, but i don't know where to get it in PDF (ebook) format. Besides if I get a paper copy it would take a couple of weeks to get here.

I'd rather have it on electronic than paper.

Or could someone scan those pages or diagrams and post them?

I wanna learn how to do this fixes myself.

BTW it's a 97 blaster (YFS200)
i have it but i dont have a scanner, they sell pdf versions of them on flea bay
Hey thanks!
What's this Flea Ebay, like a flea market on internet?
Well, by your experience, would this task be very complicated to pull off?
Or do you think with this book it would be easy enough for anyone to do?
there should be two wires coming out of your headlight i is the hot and one is the ground you will need 2 splices and some strippers under ur nose peice there is a red and yellow wire that is your hot wire cut it and put one splice on it then start ur blaster and take one of the wires and stick it in ur splice and the other to the frame if your quad dies then it is the other way around once u figure it out take the other end of the red and yellow wire and the hot wire coming out of the headlight and stick them both in the splice and crimp it please e mail me before u do this and ill give u more instructions my e mail adress is and ill give u my cell number if u need me to walk u thru it over the phone

yeah, as you will notice, we have alot of names for is - fleabay, evil bay, and many others... and 4strokes are 4 pokes....
and to mee Raptor = idiodicy machine :)