Leak down test kit

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"My blaster is" wondering, if friction causes heat, how long would it take a Donkey to stamp a bucket of snow to boiling point?
"My blaster is" telling you the answer is, it will take the same amount of time as it would take an ant to tickle an elephants ear with a power pole, or a one eyed fish to swim a yard in Maple Syrup.
My blaster says this will be the only post I make in the thread, and that slick is a good man for doing this thread I:I
My blaster is saying thanks to all who posted! Good luck! 7PM! I will post the lucky winning post number! NOW- to all who are donating if they win and already have one, Pick the member you'd like to donate to! When ya win post who gets it! Drop Shipping straight from da crib!

"My blaster is" is saying that the competition ends here on 11th December 2012 at 11:00:00 AM, so that means "My blaster is" having to stop posting long before the rest of most of the planet.
"My blaster is" asking all those who do not own a leak tester and consider themselves worthy of one to be donated to them by a winner who has no need for one, to post in a short sentence why this should happen to you.

C'mon "My blaster is" challenging yours to post.
"My blaster is" making its penultimate post in the "My blaster is" competition, and should like to thank Slick for his generosity and efforts for arranging the "My blaster is" fun competition.
"My blaster is" wishing all its Blaster buddies a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Remember that Jesus is the reason for the Season.
Not open for further replies.