Leak down test kit

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Dec 23, 2009
Here we are Christmas time again, This is going to be for a complete Leak down test kit, including rubber innertube piece(s) to block off the exhaust port, BOTH size adapters so it will work for all carbs 26mm-38mm. I will also include step by step instructions on how to use it, for the beginners! All shipping is paid for, and yes this is for all members in any country! If you dont have a blasty and own a shee, I would mod it for the dual cylinder hookup, I am also going to include a 60cc syringe and clamp, incase somebody just doesn't have access to a air pump at there home! So this really will be a complete setup! If ya have one already and win then be nice and donate it to a needy person, I can ship straight to that person for you so you incure $0. I:I

Now to the good part THE RULE!

1. (I got alot of feedback about the unlimited post thing so...) You may only post 24 times a day or 4 an hour. This is important!!!

The contest will end December 25th at 9:01PM. (All posts count for 9PM on 12/25).

So have a little fun, increase your post count, win a prize, and post some pics of your favorite woman in her best x-mas outfit! but keep it clean guys! Remember the Rule #1 and if ya break that rule your eliminated and I pick another post to win.

The winner will be pick by Xkronik13X creation of Blasterforums own post picker! -Thanks bro!
IM IN!!!
Trips, what would your mama say if she saw you looking at a picture, like that?! LOL. I like the blonde better, myself...
Nice of you to do this, Slick.....count me in!

If I don't win and want to just buy the tester from you.....how much do you charge? I'd like one I could use on both my blaster and YFZ if possible.
Not open for further replies.