just joined sayin hi


Nov 1, 2007
Hi I'm new
I have a 91 warrior 350 that I'm thinkin bout tradin with a guy for a 2001 blaster bored over to 240 and I was just wonderin do blasters have headlights usually?

And you mean its got a 240 cyclinder? You cant bore a 200cc over to 240cc lol :p

Yeah they all come standard wit headlights..

Mines removed as i don't need it and it looks more badass..

There easy to come by on ebay if that 2001 blaster aint got one

Hope this helps
thats how all of them all, they just take a stock cylinder and re-sleeve it, usually they makeyou send your head in, i know ct racing does
Thats not how all of them are. You get a whole cylinder from ct and from Vito's...and project blaster. Vito's does have a re sleeving kit though.
It doesn't give you the hp gain as the cylinder kit, but it adds a few. But by the time you have someone modify your cylinder to fit the 240 sleeve it will probably cost as much as the cylinder kit anyway. So its better just to get the cylinder.