Just a few pics


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May 11, 2007
Here are a few pics of before an after wax on my blaster, it's not shining at it's pull potential because it wasn't in the sun.






Black magic, the kind you wax on then wax back off, i don't use spray on kind or anything like that doesn't seem like they work as good.
Black magic is definitely better then any of the sprays out there because first of all you have to put some work into waxing instead of just using a spray. More work usually equals better results:)
i use meguires most of the time, it works pretty good and it smells sooooo good
But it's got to be shiny when you pull up on the drag strip.......Then get it dirty afterwards cuz the mudd will be to much weight. Lol
Have to say that a blaster is not for picking up chicks:) but for doing crazy sh*t on it. It should look like you have actually done something wild on that blaster and not just taken it out of a showroom:)
hehe, i just don't think I would be able to go into 1/2 inch of mud knowing that i just spent a few hours completely shinning up my blaster:)