it happened AGAIN lol

sounds like your not getting it in all the way, but if you can still get the flywheel on and the nut torqued down properly maybe your ok. Where did you buy the key?
I don't have a torque wrench but it is tight as hell . & got them from local bike shop . ! I can get a torque wrench easy but what is the torque ratting

sorry wouldnt know without referring to my clymer manual (which you should pick up) its at home and Im at work.
hey 110 octane any idea what you motor pushes for hp. Its gotta be up there with mine if not more. I was originally going to go with the ct240 kit with the 250R cylinder intake. Is that the ct240 kit you have. Let me know. If it is how do you like it. I ended up going with 71mm 240 airsal cylinder.