i'm freaking confused!


Mar 26, 2007
dude will someone post a pic of a torque wrench that you use to remove a head.

i think i have one but i'm not sure

and yes this is embarassing
torque wrenches are used for final assembly, you use a regualr 1/4" or 3/8" or even 1/2" drive ratchet for teardown, just google image torque wrench and you'll find what your looking for
ok today i removed the plastics and the gas tank. the nuts on the head came off like it was nothing! i didn't even have to use my muscles at all. i'm thinking that might be why my head gasket leaks a little
They are only torqued down to 20ft/lbs. You can undo that with 1/4 inch wrench.

To give you an idea of how little that is, car lug nuts are generally torqued down to 95-110ft/lbs.
well i do not think they were tight enough becuz my gasket has no cracks in it. the top of the piston was VERY dirty i will post pics later it might have been sucking some dust in. i did not remove the whole head i only removed half of the head becuz thats where black stuff was showing up
Yes a torque wrench is used for final assembly, not for taking nuts an bolts off. i would have tried torqueing the head down to specs to see what they was at instead of removing the head, now you need a new gasket. Lol
Most people will tell you it is a rule of the thumb to never reuse a gasket. If it was me I would most likely replace it just as a fail safe. Cheaper buying a head gasket then a whole new topend.

EDIT: Also, as for a torque wrench the only time you really need to use one is when assembling the motor such as your head nuts. It is very crucial or you can run inot like in your shoes, a leaky head gasket.

Also after "breaking in" a new motor make sure to RETORQUE the head nuts after a couple of hours.
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