I'm a bad boy....


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Oct 29, 2007
I am an addict. I just went on a bit of a spree and bought a lower end (Thanks Dawg!!) and a few other parts. Enough to be in spittin' distance of a second Blaster. I figured buy a pile of stuff and scramble them into whatever. You folks cross your fingers for me and I may get 2 Blasters out of this. One will be a stock, limp dick, lucky to run sucker. The other will get the big bore and all the new sh*t. With a little luck the Visa holds out and Daddy get's some new sh*t!!! Man is the ol'lady gonna be pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha,my girlfriend isn't getting pissed anymore, she started dirtbiking with me again, she quit for a while...and now she has a 2 stroke dirtbike, alogn with her 4poker , and she is understanding once again how much fun it is to buy stuff lol, she has spent 1000 so far...and she has juust ordered a Factory 7 pipe..so yeah, im on the free way! lol you'll see me buy more stuff now :D
Yeah thats what im doing. One being stock, one a drag and one ported, head milled and flywheel shaved. Should be fun.
Hell yea!!!

I may have to sleep on the couch, but I got peeps that feel for me!!!

If'n you're gonna be a bear be a grizzly!!!

Or a Blaster.....
BTW, when I get all the sh*t in I will post up and try and help anybody with issues. sh*tpile simpler than a V8, I figure I can help talk through a slew of issues.