I think i just decided on my paintjob


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Apr 4, 2007
For the sunfire, once i get the trans back in i will be done with engine mods for a while... I talleyed up the total amount i have into the drivetrain alone and it was a little over 11,000 dollars... So i think its time to move on, considering the only exterior mods i have are Kazera KZ-A 18" wheels, a primer front bumper (a couple incidents and some backyard bodywork lol) and a cracked windshield... which adds 20hp mind you.

But anyway, i think im gunna start saving for a mild body kit and paintjob... or i may just skip the body kit and go for a paintjob + Invader C/F hood.

This was done using photoshop, mind you it was not an attempt at a perfect chop... I just wanted to try out some ideas, and i think i nailed it on the first attempt. Im sold... Once i have the cash i will get an estimate on what it would cost me. I might also have them reverse the colors, so that i dont have to change my base color (extra to paint inside the doors, trunk, and under hood)


This is the color it is now, with the wheels i have on there
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You should get the windows tinted professionally. Go 30% or less all the way around. The Photoshop paint job looks good. Never saw this post until now :)
thast gonna be one bad sunfire....is the photoshop downlaodable or is it a cd that u have to buy?
wow.....i guess u have to pay a pretty penny for something that good