I messed up.



I was tryin to take the beer top off of the carb, and the thing that it's attatched to has wires going into it. What do these wires do, They came off How much is a new carb + whatever this thing is above it.
It's about 1/2 in. wide, 2-3 in. high.
I think 5'm just gunna take it to yamaha instead of this DIY sh*t.
That's the TORS wires, did you losen the screw that's on the side that holds the cap from twisting?

Man i'm telling you your gonna pay alot of money just to have your carb done when you could do it yourself it's SOOO easy.
No what friggen screw, I said this a few times that I couldn't unscrew the crap and What I got was spray some lube on it. Where are these screws. Other than the one with the gold L on it.
That's what i'm talking about the gold L holds the carb cap on, use a pair of channel locks on it man that will break it lose. Mine was real hard the first time i took it off also.
An you still haven't got it off? I'm guessing someone had it off before an whoever did put locktite on it?