I hate bolts



I was gonna take my tires off to flip em so their backwords I heard it is better for trails better handling... and one of the bolts is stripped and I can't get one tire in the front off so im pissed I need to fix my drum brakes too ehhh any sugestions
If there on the front, can you get some visegrips on them? or use a hamer an a flat screwdriver or chisel that is like a flatscrew driver on the end hammer a dent into the nut then tilt the chisel some an hammer the nut the way it losens.
Thanks.....I'm kinda pissed tooo my friends 400ex he has some performance on it sh*tted on my 240 blaster....as soon as i had to shift he just left
before you go with vice grips or chisiling the thing off do the following,

soak it in liquid wrench/ WD-40 over night. Use the right size socket, whatever proper mm it is I cant remember probablly 12mm. use as few of extensions as possible (only 1 if you can) and if you have the right size socket in a 1/2 inch drive thats better. If you have or your dad? has an impact wrench for an air comressor use that and it will come right off, if not then the longer the handle you have for the ratchet the better, or slip over the handle a strong peice of pipe for leverage. If that doesnt break the nut off use a quick stomp on the end of the rachet while holding the head and the shaft of the ratchet as stongly as you can, works for me every time

Get a tap and Die set t repair thoes threads if that is what is rally going on.