How-to Requests or ideas....


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
Post your how-to requests or ideas here. In the process of a rebuild and if anyone is unclear on how to do something and needs a how-to just ask here.
Are you adding aftermarket brakes? Really any rear and front brakes would be a good how-to. I don't even know how to freakin lube the things. Show me how to fix the brakes or put aftermarket ones on and I'll be happy :)
How to install tether kill switches would be a good one. That's a question I see come up on other forums a lot, and it seems like nobody really knows how it's done. So aside from just helping out the current members, maybe we could post links to things like that when the question comes up somewhere like atvconnection and get some new members in here. That's one of the big things that helped yfm350central get started. It started as a little site like this, it's come a long way in the 3 years it's been up.
Alright. Ill end up getting a teather for the shee soon, its prolly not much different then the blaster. Ill so a write-up on it with pictures.

As for the brakes. If my cousin decides to upgrade I will gladly do one on the shee brake upgrade.