How To Rebuild Your Topend


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May 11, 2007
This is how you tear apart an rebuild your topend. I blew it up just to post a how to for you guys, hahaha it was time for a rebuild anyways i raced it hard 7 good races it was due for one.

1) clean your quad an make sure you get all the dirt off the motor you do not want any falling in when your taking it apart.

2) Remove all your plastics

3) You need to unbolt the 2 nuts holding the exhaust on an the one bolt on the exhaust hanger. An them remove the exhaust An pull your spark plug wire off.

4) You need to unbolt the 6 nuts holding the head on.

5) After unbolting all them if you need to grab a pry bar an pry up around the head very lightly till it breaks free.

6) Then pull the head off the quad an set it in a safe place.

7) Undo the clutch cable an take the carb off by unscrewing the clamps the hold it tight, remove the carb an set it with the head.

8) Now unbolt the 4 bolts holding the cylinder on. There is 2 more on the opposite side. After doing that slide the cylinder up off the piston.

9)Now remove the the circlips holding the wrist pin in with a small pocket knife or a small pair of needle nose pliers. Now knock the wrist pin out with a small socket an extension.

10) Now remove the bearing from the connecting rod an set everything in a safe place. Now to put it back together just follow the steps in reverse order.
Ohh ok well damn i deserve rep points from everyone that needed this cuz i blew it up just for you all to know how to rebuild, hahaha
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is it worth rebuilding the top end just for good measures even if i have no problems with it really? Will it run THAT much better??
You just need to rebuild your topend when you start to feel a loss in power an i could tell a big loss in power cuz this one boy up the road on his blaster when we drag raced 1/8th mile i would be ahead by 6th length now i come out like half a length ahead an i lauch harder then he does.

So that right there told me this topend was in need of rebuilding.
I would reccomend everyone get a compression tester i went an priced it today an it was 31 dollars with tax.
good compression would be somwhere around what? Just a parts store would do it?
Yea a part store will have it, should be somewhere between 120 to 135 but it will run on 110 -120. I would do a topend rebuild if mine got below 120 that's just me.
again thanks man.. I prob ask alot of questions, but im sick of getting raped at shops so im doin it all myself from now on. dont want to mess it up.
is it worth rebuilding the top end just for good measures even if i have no problems with it really? Will it run THAT much better??

It will make your quad run better if its been awhile. But I wouldnt drop all the money unless my quad had a significant power loss and it hadnt been rebuilt in awhile.
Nice, imma do that next week, so now i have a visual to go by as well, yay!, thanks alot, (i dont race, but i know i should rebuild my top end ne THANKS +1 Blasterfreak