how about them tornados???

wonder if dually got hit, ken talked to him as he raced home to get his family into the basement
we have had more tornados here in mn this spring than we have ever had with the last 2 years combined.. we even had a funnel reported in silver bay!!! thats right on lake superior in the duluth harbor!
I did get 3 storms and they were all tornado watches.Luckily no major damge to anything but the winds were crazy.I didn't take any chances and put the family in the basement.This is the first time in 31 years I have ever had to worry about them here.I now feel for all you guys that get them yearly.The Western part of the state got hit the worst with 4 deaths and tons and tons of property damage.
in joplin missouri a couple hours away from mr and not more than 5 hours away form n8tesnastyblaster