Highly Modified Blaster being parted out.


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Aug 8, 2007


I am parting out my blaster as I am moving on , but here is the list of modifications on it. If there is anything you would like to buy email me at v4nh4l3n@gmail.com, i am willing to go quite cheap.
Whatever doesnt go on here ill put on ebay. Its been a very very long time since i have been on the blasterforums, like years. I was very into this blaster and I hope you guys keep up this site. Alot of good memories with this site, alot of helpful people.
I put a lot of money in this bike, but have lost interest and am selling it all. Its all in parts.

Anyways heres the info: antyhign else not posted here and that you see, email me if you want it.
Tires: Maxxis Razr 2 20x11x9
Wheels: Chrome Doglas Wheels *note: tires and wheels have been sold for 140 on ebay
Engine:CT 240 Sonic Complete Package

the ct kit comes with the huge airstyrker carb, amazing ct cylinder and head with its huge 250r style ports, and the works. heres a pic of the kit:

heres the porting, real sick style CT has.

Exhaust: pro circuit pipe and silencer ( its called the "504 factory sound" whatever that is!) anyways the pipe sounds and performs good.

A-arms: Diamond racing +2 width and +1 forward a-arms. i guess ill sell around 200 for price.


Front tires are stock rims on GBC shredders, ill sell the pair of front wheels and tires for $100

Lonestar Racing Axle, i think its +2.5, real nice and wide. completely straight, nothing on this bike has been wrecked or crashed.

heres the carb, its A big mofo. i guess whatever the best offer is i'll sell it at that.

the last time I was on these boards it was during the time where hollywood dirt productions was around. God damn was that a mistake sending my sh*t to him, he f*cked it up and just decided to go with CT Racing brand new.
Anyone remember those old hollywood dirt days? what ended up happening to him?
Definetely post some asking prices.....I am very intrested in your Rear Shock. PM what your asking or just post it....Also I am intrested in your rear tires/rims and do you have a PayPal account????
Wheels: Chrome Doglas Wheels *note: tires and wheels have been sold for 140 on ebay

That's what he wrote.
hey im back,

the ct 240 topend (cylinder and head) ill sell for 300, and with the carb 350
*of course ill include the reeds and all intake parts

lonestar axle ill sell for 200.

axis rear shock 200

a-arms and nerfs together $250

front shocks 200

front pair of tires and rims, $ 140

pro-circuit exhaust pipe and silencer $100

anything esle you see let me know.