Hey Haven't been around for awhile



Just what the title says, I'm hoping to get on more I've been havin school to take most of my time, jw is that video ever going to get done?? Yea so my Blaster still does not run and no one knows what's wrong with it. I'm havin this other guy come up sunday to check it out, he's supposed to be some super grease monkey
ahhh blasterfreak was supposed to finish the video but now i don't know where the hell he is, he sold his dirtbike,blaster,banshee so he could buy an esclipse i think bcuz of mpg rating
So the same guys are still on cool and we got some new ones...finally
He just got that banshee and he already sold it wtf...w/e he was cool to oh well R.I.P Blasterfreak we had some good times with youtube lmao
I'm about to get me another blaster so don't worry an this blaster is gonna be built like my other one except i wont use as much money. :) I have a gf an a kid so yea i had to sell my sh*t an get a car an all that......buy anyways im gonna buy me another blaster!