Hey everyone, soon to be blaster owner with a few q's


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Apr 4, 2007
Ok, well to start about me... Im 20, ride a 2006 Kawasaki Zx636, and drive a 04 Sunfire that has way too many mods to list...

But im picking up a old blaster tomorrow for 300 bux... Found it because I run parts and just asked this kid about it.

Basically the bike hasnt been run in a year, it has a "bigbore kit" but he doesnt know how far its been bored. Today I checked it out, definetly has good compression but we couldnt get it to fire. However it does have a FULL FMF exhaust on it... All the plastics are good and un cracked, tires are good, the frame is PERFECT.

Now the bad, it has a slight oil leak, needs a rear brake lever and cable, and it needs a new clutch.

Either way, its 300 dollars. So any tips for me?? And any places to get good parts let me know, ive already been checking out ebay.

Rebuilding this thing will NOT be a problem for me either, I actually just finished getting my sunfire engine back together. But my plan for when I get it home tomorrow is drain the gastank, remove and clean the carb/reed valves, replace the spark plug and put new gas in. Im also gunna remove the oil injection if it hasnt already been pulled. Does this sound like a good start?

Ill take pictures tomorrow when I get her home.... My cousin used to have a blaster with less mods than this one and I was impressed with the power. I mean I know its not the fastest thing out there but beeing such a small 4-wheeler to this day I consider it to be one of the more fun quads ive ever ridden.

So if you have any pointers for me let me know, oh and heres a vid of my sunfire at idle... yes its a sunfire, but yes it will whoop some ass.
Wow your story is like mine. Got my blaster for $300 also but its in great shape except its not running!!! Anyway lol I love your blaster and bike but sorry to say I hate your car lol. Im a honda guy so any cavaliers/sunfires i hate... lol jk i dont mind them welcome to blasterforum.com!!!
Not sure on the year... it WAS a white one though.. The handlebars and front shocks are almost a pinkish color.

The owner painted the plastics black and the seat is yellow with a yellow tank. Sounds wierd but it actually looks pretty cool in person
Well i got it! Front right brake seems to not work at all.. doesnt even return to the neutral position when i let off.

However it does run, and it HAULS. I do not remember my cousins beeing this fast.. i just wish i knew how big the "big bore" kit is in there.

However, the guy i bought it from knows jack, the crankcase was literally filled to the top with oil... Possibly they did this for storage?? Though im sure thats what was causing the leak. But when i drained the oil, it was very clean with a significant amount of metal dust in it... Im thinking maybe it is the first oil change since it was rebuilt??

BUT, are these engines naturally noisy?? I mean the exhaust sounds great, it smooths out perfectly in the powerband and goes.... Front wheels easily come up... but when im sitting still and listen to the engine itself it seems to make alot of noise, and if i give it a slight amount of gas it shakes alot... Its been awhile since ive ridden a blaster so someone enlighten me if these things are naturally erratic engines?
did the kid rejet? is the carb adjusted right? the kid does not know how big the bore is on his own quad, omg people like that should not deserve a blaster unless they know wut it has. i don't mean the people who buy it from someone who has no idea wut parts their blaster has. still lol
Well i know its spitting just the right amount of blue smoke... and he DID tell me to run a 32:1 mix for the gas. The bike seems to run like its tuned right, it definetly pulls hard.

Tomorrow im going to pull apart the right front brake and see if i can fix that, and possibly pull the carb off and clean it out.

Now that its been run this thing starts up on at least the 2nd kick everytime... once its warm its the first kick.

But still, the engine noise is bugging me... I mean i cant really pick out a "nock" per say, but it just makes alot of noise and shakes alot if i hold it at just above idle... So is this normal for these things?

Ill admit, the first ride after it warmed up i wasnt ready for how fast 1st gear winds out... Ive been riding my 636 too much. Once i realized you have to shift every 1.5 seconds though the bike really woke up. Anyone else feel that 1st gear is gone too quickly??
And dont worry, i plan on getting to know this thing very intimately.... Im one for building sleepers, hell i drive a sunfire with over 250WHP. So the blaster is perfect for me to get my hands on.

Plus 2-strokes make me horny. Especially when they have 4 wheels bolted to them
if it is leaking oil or carbon your blaster idles and revs high, it makes sense you might have an air leak find where the oil is coming from, if its from the ehauhst pipe connected to the motor get a new gasket or seal it with hi-temp silcone. just a suggestion.
It idles fine, just doesnt seem to want to rev high enough... and is just plain noisy from the engine itself.

Definetly leaking where the pipe is held on with the spring... I have some copper RTV ill throw on tonight. Thanks for the tips. I think im also gunna polish up the pipes tonight, they were once nice and shiney so i think ill try to bring it back
cbaber said:
Wow your story is like mine. Got my blaster for $300 also but its in great shape except its not running!!! Anyway lol I love your blaster and bike but sorry to say I hate your car lol. Im a honda guy so any cavaliers/sunfires i hate... lol jk i dont mind them welcome to blasterforum.com!!!

Noooooooo!!! No more ricer talk! :evil: Blah! You have a Cadillac on board who doesn't like either of the mobiles. And the mods are annoying - especially the rattling exhaust. Nasty.

Welcome to the forums. We'll get along just fine as long as there's no rice in the way ;)
Well i sealed up the exhaust today... haha the damn thing must not like me cus it threw me off, i leaned up on the front bars, turned to the right, revved it up and dumped the clutch... I underestimated it, the back end kicked around 90* and then the front went straight up and threw me off the back, resting on the grab bar... took a nice chunk out of my yard too lol.

Anyway, it likes to bog right after i shift into 2nd gear, almost like i blew it up.. .when i let off and hit it again everything is fine... Im thinking that the float could be sticking?? I still havnt cleaned the carb, but it does have fresh gasoline mixed 32:1. Any ideas?

Also the intake box is stock, any mods i can do to this to increase flow?
lbwd said:
Noooooooo!!! No more ricer talk! :evil: Blah! You have a Cadillac on board who doesn't like either of the mobiles. And the mods are annoying - especially the rattling exhaust. Nasty.

Oh dont get me started about tuners. They all arent "ricers". In the tuner world, a ricer is someone who puts body kits, neon, and other stupid stuff like lambo doors on their car. They look fast but dont go fast. Anyway, the exhaust's you hear must suck. My magnaflow sounds awesome. I wouldnt talk down imports because whether people like it or not, they are the new generation of hot rods. All the v8's will slowly die away (which is sad because i like all cars... muscle cars, imports, trucks, etc.) because of gas prices and enviormental issues. A 4cyl. can do anything a v8 can, but it can still get 30 mpg. I know many 4 cyl. hondas with over 400 hp to the wheels. But i would rather not argue about the whole import/domestic thing because im not going to change anyone's mind and they arent going to change mine...
No offense man, but you just said you hate my car... My car fills the "tuner" description to the fullest. I wasnt gunna do it but here is a mod list if you doubt me.

Eagle rods
Wiseco 10:1 compression .020 over pistons
Fidanza Lightweight flywheel
Balanced rotating assembly
Spec stage 3 clutch
Comcams high rpm grind, 3,500-8000 RPMS
Ferrea valves
Ferrea dual valve springs
Ferrea titanium retainers
Pacesetter lsj header (2.0s/c header)
3inch downpipe, no cat
Phantomgrip LSD insert
Polyurethane mounts
Siemmens 60lb/hour injecters
Accel AFPR
MSD DIS-2 ignition box w/ 2-step
Copper SRT-4 plugs
deleted balance shafts
HPTuners (why i say tuner, because i tune it wih my laptop lol)
AEM UEGO Wideband
Autometer phantom fuel pressure guage
Autometer phantom boost guage
Autometer cobalt 10k tach with light
B&M Shortthrow shifter
Removed all insulation from car, no carpet either (that one i regret)
MSD Inline fuel pump
Mild p&p job on the head
Relocated battery to the trunk
Vortech V-9 G trim supercharger, only 9psi because the idiot designers decided to drive it off the camshaft... limiting speed.

Ill eventually have new mounts made and relocate it, then pully it to 20psi with a FMIC.

Right now its down because im waiting on new flywheel bolts because it broke all 6 off while i was tuning it... It honestly no longer feels like a 2.2l 4 banger, but rather a small engine with a huge turbo... It doesnt make much power until about 5,000 rpms... then it just starts slamming you back into the seat harder and harder till i shift at 8,000 RPMS. It pulls all the way to there but HPtuners wont allow me to raise the rev limiter to 8,750 which is where i want it at. So until i get a full stand alone like Megasquirt i wont get the full potential out of my engine. I still am not afraid to claim at least 250+WHP with only 9 psi. Once i get it setup for 20 psi though i will be putting down around 350 to the wheels.

If i ever go turbo, which im avoiding because HPtuners doesnt like the variance in boost. Supercharger is ok because it always produces the same boost and specific rpms. But either way, if i threw a t4 on there with 25ish PSI it would easily make 500hp. The motor can handle it, its just limited by the supercharger right now.

So, if you hate my sunfire because its a sunfire, then you cannot call yourself a tuner.
I don't like small cars.
That's right, we're not going to change minds here.
Back to the ATV discussion.
If you were referring to my comment:

I was joking when I said I hated your car. It sounds fast. I like to see people built their motors and stuff. Im a honda guy so there is a natural tension between domestic tuners and import tuners. But we all share the same interest so I get over the whole thing. I like any car, domestic or import, that is built and fast. Yours is so its cool. I hate those stock cavies and sunfires with just fart cans. I also hate honda's and other import cars with just a fart can. lol im not trying to fight with you i was joking about your car being stupid. It sounds pretty cool actually.
I don't like small cars.

Small equals fast. My honda is only about 2000 pounds. Put a 350 hp four cyl. and you got a badass car! But yes please back to ATV's.
nah i wasnt fighting... Heh you just gave me an excuse to show off my sh*t lol.

I agree, i got to a car meet all the time and bullshit with everyone there. I like any car, and i agree its the idiots with a hyundai that has an over the axle tailpipe, that goes down and then curves back up just to it looks like a wrx exhaust that i have a problem with lol.

But yes, back to the atv discussion.