hey everybody


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Nov 17, 2007
hi i am new here , i am 34 and i have 3 sons,i am a performance tech for yamaha canada and i am french so sorry for my tipping ,i read better than i write:">,with my job i have hade every hi performance machine thats yamaha made but i always return to my first love the blaster well thats about it for now feel free to ask me any question thats you may have i will try to help you with all my knowledge thanks again steveI:I
yeah man, nice blaster, welcome to the forum and i dont think ne1 cares if u mess up a little bit with the english, we all do it, and we speak the damn laungauge :) so yeah welcome!

And welcome!!! Good group around here. Always looking for more help with my stuff.

Bummer the Red Wings are gonna get the cup this year.......:-D

A-born in Detroit

You are the calmest Canadien I have come across. A hockey comment almost always get's a rise. Thanks, on the quad. I like yours, too. Hell, I like most of them! Just assembled a pile of parts and am going through them now. See what i come up with. I bought a lot/group of carbs I'm still waiting on. Got 2-3 34 mm, I think they will be too big. I wanted 30mm, but was drinking and bidding, bad combo!



If your watching tonight it's the ref's that suck.

Red Wings Rule.

I put in a small mention for the Hab's, every record Detroit don't own they do.

As for the Blaster hit wierd little issue today. I'll hit that in the engine area later.

BTW, I dig hockey, the Canadian people's love of the game, the whole thing. I have alot of opinions on pro sports, one fact is that a pro hockey player works harder to make less than any other pro athlete. I guess you gotta bleed on ice once or twice to get it, but, dam I love the NHL.

'Course coming from Detroit it ain't like footbal is an option or baseball and I loathe basketball. Which is funny down here in NC. Collge basketball is like the biggest thing in the world. I just don't get it.

Anyway, I ramble on our Northern friends thread.

Thanks for all the info so far, man. Gave me alot to contemplate.

BTW, you said you don't type well, hell, I know almost no French and barely can communicate in English. You are doing great!!