Hello Everybody....


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Jul 27, 2007
Auburn, New York
Hi, my name is Ian and after so much internet searching I have found such a great website that actually dedicates itself to one of the GREATEST quads ever, the YAMAHA BLASTER.

The one u see as my avatar is an 89' I just recently purchased. I know she might look a little rough right now, but with the newfound luck of finding this website and my dedication to this awesome quad, I'm sure we'll make her into a real head turner.
Welcome. How does it run? Any mods?

When I bought it, the kid said it wouldnt spark and all it needed was the stator rebuilt. So I bought it for next to nothing and got it home and a week or so later pulled the stator cover off to find out that the crankshaft is warped. So I still havent even pulled the flywheel as there's no point right now for I have to get a whole new crank and am better off replacing the main crank bearings considering I have to split the cases and better to be safe than sorry.

For now I'm concentrated on getting all the mods for the frame and suspension first and lastly finish the motor. As it stands now I have purchased the following parts thus far;

Burgard Cycles +2 +1 Extended A arms
06' Blaster Front Hyrdaulic brakes w/spindles and master cylinder
Works Shocks, Front Dual Rate w/res.