hello every body!



my toys are in my signature. this seems like a really cool site!
you could say that i am someone that loves blasters!
Dam you lucky bastard. You got 5 quads! and I bet even the broken one goes faster than my kingquad.
ehh, i build them from scratch i got the 03 for 500 from a friend it had alot of problems but i fixed it up and now look what it is. my 01 was 600 or 700 and i did not put that many parts in it. if you see a blaster for cheap take it because you never know where it could take you.
i bought a 05 blaster for 500 dollars sinked 100 in parts the next day rode it 4 days sold it for 1300 that weekend
welceom to the site.... must be nice to have a whole arsonal of quads
Everyone is on crack here in alaska they think that they can get 1400 bucks for a 1999 blaster that dont run and the only mod is a pipe and its fmf and thats the cheapest blaster i have found.
not worth it! maybe buy the one that simply primo is selling but its in NY i think, it has itp aluminiums front and rear, DG rear grab bar,red powder coated frame, itp holeshots or maxis razrs front and rear, and more crap plus it runs!
Yea profit was great, but i made the mistake of buying a 300ex that same weekend then 3 days later i traded for a blaster Lol so i still came out good
I know I was gonna buy the one he was sellin for 400 but my parents wont let me buy a fourwheeler from out of state. Yeah it sucks people sell the crappiest fourwheelers and expect to get top dollar for them.
try to conveice ur parents, like say dude that blaster for 1400 isn't running!
and this fourwheeler is a thousand cheaper! and it has some upgrades and parts.
Don't buy sh*t though buy something maybe that needs bored out or needs carb cleaned or doesn't fire something easy to fix like that i wouldn't waste my hard earned money on a peice of sh*t i would just wait a lil longer