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Hi there, I have a totally stock 05 Blaster and one of my riding buddies dropped it on the grab bar while unloading it and it blew the tail and head light bulbs. I just figured it was from the impact but.. after replacing the bulbs the head light and brake light filament keeps blowing after about 10 seconds, the running light for the tail keeps working though. I have the wiring diagram for my Banshee but am still waiting for the Blaster. Any one have any helpful ideas?:">
05 blaster diagram

Here if you can't read this I'll have to send it to your email.


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The blue wire from the back of your tail light goes to the hi-lo dim switch and powers together with your head light. The yellow wire goes to your front and rear brake switch. These wires have to be makeing contact to blow your rear brake lights and front head light. Because when they touch there is no where for ground to go except to the least resistance which would be in your bulb and it just burns it. The only other cause is that you don't have a good ground on the rear light.
Let me know how that was. I could send another one in a different form maybe. Use microsoft picture manager and you should be able to zoom if you can't see it.
Take a jumper wire and hook it to the black wire on the tail light and jump it to the black wire coming out of the magneto. Then put lights in and see how it works. make sure to leave the black wire on the mag plugged in if you try this and just tap in. There could be something damaged inside the tail light assembly itself that is causing a short. Keep that in mind.