gts brakes on 99



i just got new brakes
they seem like ok brakes. (does have larger pads) but they came with plastic lines. which theres no way i'm going to run with plastic. just wondering if anyone else has these brakes. and how you set them up. im thinking about running car brake lines but dont know if this would be good for its not going to be flexible
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there is a write up somewhere about the install of those brakes, the dude had to do some slight modding for 100% fit and function, and as for the lines, if you ahve a local hydraulics shop nearby you kould get braided stainless lines made for fairly cheap
I agree with Cochise get SS lines made at a hose shop and id also shoot for 100psi lines..I was also thinking of the trenga racing SS lines...but they are probably really expensive..Its probly best to just have them made is possible..
plus nothin beats that little custom touch, so you kan roll up and say yea you got these brakes too huh, well mine are better, then tear ass outta there while throwing roost and laughing maniacally