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May 18, 2007
Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
1- i wanna know if reed spacer are a good thing, if they increase power a lot or just a little.

2- my kick pedal is always coming in my legs when i'm riding, it won't stay in place and hurt my leg :(

i think it's all, if i have more, i'll ask later

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to answer your ?'s

1 - yea a reed spacer is a good thing, set up the right way it can be a inexpensive mod that gives a little gain in performance. If you dont have any other mods it will do verry little. As it goes with any mods the more you have the more bennifit you will get having them.

result is; Increased Mid-Range Horsepower and widening of the midrange (where most of us ride) torque = pulling power. The spacer goes between the cylinder and the reed cage. - "trengaracing"

2 - sounds like the return spring - Ill look it up later and post a link too it when I get back from lunch hour.
My engine mods are : Toomey exhaust, uni filter, boyesen pro series reed valve.

i checked my engine and i'm not sure likes there's is already a reed spacer but it's only ~1/8" thick. is it supposed to be thicker?

anothre question i have is about the degree key. what does it do? i know it advance timing but what is the gain in performance?

sorry for the bad english, but i'm a french guy :">
When you advance the timing you increase the bottom end power an taking away from the topend, an for the reed spacer can you take any pics so we could see?
More questions :

1- How do i know my crank bearing is bust? Is there a way to check it without opening the engine?

2- If i put a +3 crank, do i have to do something special? Rejet only ? Run race gas?

the answer for your question number one is, take the stator cover off and grab hold of the flywheel and kinds tug up and down, if you have ANY movement at all, they are bad
1. Do you mean the big-end bearing or main crankshaft bearings? Generally on two-strokes, little trouble is seen with either of these until the riding hours have stacked up, or the engine has suffered some damage such as too little lubrication. It may be difficult to hear, but a rumbling noise will be heard, other than that, separation of the case-halves and checking for free-play is the only way to really determine wear in these bearings.
2. A crankshaft that gives a longer stroke will change the port timing of the two-stroke engine, and this may not be a good idea on a stock cylinder without porting mods. This modification will allow better torque, but rpms will be sacrificed on the top of the range. This is always the give-and-take of stroker engines; torque is increased, but revs are sacrificed, and revs are what the two-stroke engine was made for.
Thanks for the answer, as for the bearings, i'm going to rebuild my engine during the winter so i'll ask the shop to check this too, as for the crankshaft, i think i won't do it now, maybe later when i have the cash to do a port and polish at the same time.