front shocks



I heard banshee front shocks being put on blasters does anyone of the shee owners or a blaster owner know if they bolt right up and do they have any benefits?????
yes they bolt right up and yes they have benefits. shee shocks are better than stock blaster.
I've been told that Banshee shocks are 2 inches longer.

Some people have said they work better than stock Blaster shocks if you have longer a-arms, but others said they aren't much better.

I'd like to know for sure though, because i'm considering Banshee shocks for mine too!
1 Vote for Shee shox up front

The Shee shox delivered several better qualities to the ride on my Blaster after installing them. They are dual rate springs with more travel and better rebound than the stock Blaster shocks. They bolt right up and I don't even think that they are longer from bolt to bolt. The dual rate spring is longer which is decieving.