front ending then flipping


Mar 26, 2007
:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: i was riding going off of jumps and everything and i front ended down a hill then i flipped, the motor is fine there are no tears in the fenders or dents in the front grab bar, but my clutch handle is bent down now that it shakes. i'm sure the handle bars are fine, where should i get a racing clutch handle? from PB or a different site let me know thanks.
Rocky Mountain has a nice level and perch setup for $29, as well as just levers for around $5-10
Wow sorry to hear about that. Hope you get it fixed.
i got it fixed, my friend sold me his old race clutch handle for cheap. He does not remeber the brand of the clutch handle but i can tell its a race clutch handle. ohh and its works way better than my peice of $hit handle and my other first racing clutch handle.
asv controls is the way to go....... mine have been in numerous crashes and endos, never broke one yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!