Fmf setup



Im just wondering how much power will a fmf pipe and silencer give you over stock. And also how does it compare to a lrd or any of the other top brands

If you do the full FMF (pipe and silencer) PowerCore2 and rejet, you will notice a difference. It'll be quicker all around but more so in the mid to high RPMs, as with all the Blaster pipes.

The FMF isn't the best, but it will give you a noticeable power increase. I have it on mine with a rejet. You should also drill holes in your air box lid and remove that little throat piece.
That little throat piece you are talking about is actually the snorkel for the airbox. If you remove that you run a higher risk of ingesting more dirt, mud, and water into the airbox and damaging the engine.

I am working on a prototype airbox that will allow you to keep the snorkel and the stock airbox but allow much more air to pass through it. It's unlike anything I've ever seen before and I'll let you guys know when I'm through with it. So far it's something anyone could do with a couple hours and access to an auto parts store.
I know fmf with give me more power but im asking how does it compare to a factory 7 or lrd. I mean i would way rather spend like $50 on a better pipe and silencer.
If you'd rather spend the extra money (wise decision) on a much better pipe, Factory 7 is the better option.
LRD and factory7, i personnaly think that both of them have smae performance except brand,shape, construction of core
pro curcuit header and fmf silencer has a sweet sound to it......and good power
idk but i think im going to spend $355 shipped for the factory 7. hopefully its good!
Well with the mods i have listed below i beat a piped, filtered, jetted z400 in 1/8th mile asphalt run so i don't see where the FMF was all that bad.